Scilla Elworthy: 15 Things You Can Do as Women to Answer the Challenges of Today and after all women´s marches

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We at THE LOVERS stand for engaging ourselves and our community by conscious activism and with the purpose of rising peace, love, community. If you want to participate and engage yourself in Berlin, please join our Open Club Meeting on March 20th at The Lovers Space. Please find more details here.

We are presenting you here some ways, collected from Scilla Elworthy (who has been guest of The Lovers in February twice 1. Salon Mondaine with Prof. Tania Singer und 2. Conscious Leadership Workshop):
How you can engage yourself to answer the challenges of today:

This is the time to step into the next level of our power. “This may turn out to be a powerful catalyst for humanity’s evolution to a higher level — but it will only happen if we’re able to address the situation consciously, without hatred, and take clear-eyed, open-hearted actions like Gandhi’s satyagrahas or King’s civil rights marchers. My sense is that it’s particularly important for women to lead the way on this, as we saw with the inspiring Women’s March. Much of what we are witnessing are the most negative dimensions of the patriarchal power structures, and thus it’s a call for women to stand in their “fierce feminine” and meet this rising tide with love and power. So here are some things we can do. Yes, lots. These are choices so you can select those that appeal to your own sense of how you want to be in action:

1. Get to know and embody Feminine Intelligence

To shape the future that is needed in our world today we must bring into balance the masculine and the feminine. Indispensable feminine wisdom and qualities are needed now more than ever: the potency of COMPASSION, the gift of DEEP LISTENING, the brilliance of INTUITION, the essential understanding of INTERCONNECTEDNESS and the warmth of INCLUSIVITY. Marginalised for centuries, these qualities are emerging strongly again. FemmeQ invite you to join women and men around the world who are awakening these qualities and reclaiming their authority and power to serve the greater good, to protect and honour life and shape a world which serves human flourishing and planetary regeneration. All over the world, in all systems, we see the devastation caused by the old patriarchal system, and the global consequences that cut across societies, geographies and generations. The feminine intelligence that exists in both women and men is now needed to face the current crises and bring a radical shift in the way we live and lead.

2. Join one of the Constellations in Rising Women Rising World (RWRW)

Through our Constellations RWRW are building a vibrant community of women on all continents who take responsibility for pioneering a possible future. The custodians of this mission are a committed group of professionals, who over the past 30 years have been shaping their respective fields. We call these women Pioneers. Each forms the nucleus of a Constellation — a further 12 women and men specialising in a particular field, be it education, environment, business, community, food & water, etc. They in turn train and mentor younger women and men to develop initiatives and projects that demonstrate how this kind of future world is not only possible, but is already happening.

3. Support non violence in schools and at home

Many schools are now finding that the simple steps of Non Violent Communication (NVC) work extremely well to minimize bullying and teach children skills that will be invaluable throughout their lives. So if you as parent or grand-parent want to propose NVC to your local school, you can find out how this works on the CNVC website. You can also break any cycle of violence in your own family or community, by opening dialogue and using Non Violent Communication. Take a two-day foundation training in NVC, it will change your life. It changed mine. It’s common sense really, and not difficult.

The Lovers e.V. is offering an evening Workshop on NVC on April 26th from 19.00 to 21:30 at the Lovers Space.

4. Ensure full implementation of UN Sustainable Development Goal 5 (gender equality)

and the mainstreaming of gender throughout all 17 goals. iCRW ( convened a group of leading women who articulated an agenda for Secretary-General Guterres, if he truly means to lead the United Nations to gender equality, including: Ensure feminist implementation and accountability for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The SDGs represent the single largest opportunity to focus concerted effort on achieving gender equality and to mainstream a focus on gender across global, sustainable development efforts, but they lack a meaningful accountability framework. You can urge Secretary-General Guterres to express his support for the full implementation of Goal 5 (gender equality) and the mainstreaming of gender throughout all 17 goals. You can write to him at United Nations Headquarters 405 East 42nd Street, New York, NY, 10017, USA. Tel: (+ 1) (212) 963-9999. Or listen to him here

How to implement the SDGs in schools, organisations and in our society you can learn from this German organization: Global Goals curriculum.

Engage yourself in your country to implement the SDGs on any level.

5. In your school, community or workplace, make known the facts:

  • Producing 1kg of beef requires about 15,000 litres of water.
  • 65 million people are now refugees worldwide and rapidly growing — the highest ever.
  • Turbo-consumerism burns the planet. Reject: things you didn’t know you needed, bought with money you don’t have, to impress people you don’t know

6. Support alliances of cities standing for peace values

If you live in a city, ask if your city is one of the United Nations Peace Messenger Cities. These are cities around the world that have volunteered for an initiative sponsored by the United Nations to promote peace and understanding between nations.
Look up your city on

7. Help shift military activity away from preparations for war towards crisis response

The main security issues of concern in the future are likely to arise from climate change, economic inequality, migration and competition over resources, and none of these is suited to a conventional armed response. For young people concerned about the future security of their country, it therefore makes more sense to direct their energies to working in NGOs, international organisations or ministries that seriously address global warming, environmental protection, the rich-poor gap, refugee and migrant issues and exploitation of natural resources. The reality of soldiering, as returning veterans will attest, is very different from the glamorous advertisements. In the US, more veterans succumbed to suicide than were killed in Iraq.

8. Address the persistent and long-term influence and effects of trauma

by making friends with refugees, with veterans suffering from PTSD (Posttraumatic Stress disorder), with war orphans. Cities and activists across Europe are fighting their national governments to better welcome refugees. If you enquire, you’ll find there will be a centre for refugees and migrants somewhere not far away from where you live. They will direct you to children and adults who would welcome a friend. Help for Heroes will also be able to inform about how to contact war veterans who might welcome a listening ear, and your respect for their experiences. There are at least 16 ways you can support Syrian refugees now, not just by donating your money, but your spare time. Fear that refugees will take jobs and lack of economic opportunities make it hard for them to generate income. Combine this with the lengthy time it takes to process work visas for refugees and some cannot feed their families. This is part of what inspired #WorkforRefugees.

9. Organise massive global online support for politicians who take a stand

Leaders who take a stand on an issue often find themselves criticised and sometimes vilified. Opponents are usually noisier than supporters, and often personally unkind. If you support someone, make sure you let them know; write to them and ask what you can do to show your support. Why not help set up a global “Best List” for leaders like Angela Merkel (readers please add names) who stand up for innovative pro¬grammes that may be unpopular with conservative factions. Margot Wallström, the Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs who prohibited Swedish arms exports to Saudi Arabia, was subjected to an organised campaign of vilification; she needed massive, open, loud support. Don’t sit still when something you care about happens; it’s so easy now to find out how best to show your support.

10. Point out to editors of your local and national media

how frequently they carry stories about war and terror, compared to how rarely they feature the brilliant stories of peace builders. For such stories have a look at

11. Contact and support indigenous groups

learn from their wisdom: The insights of indigenous peoples are based on very ancient beliefs and practices that can help to overcome our inherited belligerence and our apathy, to develop a different attitude to our role on this planet. Their values based on love and respect for the planet and all living elements on it have been clearly articulated recently by indigenous leaders in the US. There are a multitude of examples. The Eagle and the Condor story of the Amazon people is an ancient prophesy in which human society splits into two paths: The path of the Eagle, based in logic, the industrial, and the sacred masculine; and the path of the Condor, based in heart, intuition, and the sacred feminine. The story says that after a 500-year period in which the Eagle people dominate the Earth, the Eagle and the Condor people will come together to create a new level of consciousness for humanity.

12. Build a ring of iron around PMs and advisers

Today’s leaders are besieged by lobbyists who put enormous pressure on them to act in ways that favour commercial interests. Some of the pressures they exert are actually threats. So when new leaders come into office after election, help pull together a group of tough, trust¬worthy advisers who can protect them from unnecessary interviews with pressure groups and corporate leaders. This thinking is similar to what inspired the formation of The Elders.

13. Engage with PEACE IS LOUD

who spotlight women leaders on the frontline of peace-building worldwide. They “harness the power of film and other media to bring to life the leadership of everyday people who are standing up to violence and building peace from the ground up”. They organize speaking engagements and other live events spotlighting women peace-builders from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe whose courage and activism are altering the history of nations. They create social action campaigns that encourage and empower people to build peace in their day-to-day lives — in their own communities and as citizens of the world.

14. Ensure that the company you work for becomes a B Corp

B Corps are for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Today there is a growing com¬munity of more than 1,600 Certified B Corps from 42 countries and over 120 industries working together toward one unifying goal: to redefine success in business. If your employer is not yet part of this network, gather a group of employees to propose it to your Board.

15. Help divest from the Dakota Access Pipeline

Trump has signed orders smoothing the construction for the destructive Dakota Access Pipeline which would endanger the water and sacred burial grounds of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. 250,000 SumOfUs members have already signed the petition asking banks to pull their investments from the pipeline. Can you help us get as many signatures as possible strong before the next international day of action by sharing this campaign on Facebook? We know targeting banks to stop financially supporting this dangerous pipeline works — we’ve already made some progress last November. Two days after we delivered hundreds of thousands of SumOfUs members’ signatures to Norway-based Bank DNB’s headquarters, it pulled its investment in the pipeline. If we get more banks to pull out we can stop this pipeline from being built.

Desmond Tutu: “If you want peace, don’t talk to your friends. Talk to your enemies.”

With love and loads of courage to you,

Scilla Elworthy

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