16.01.2018 – Gastevent: “How to get what you want 2018”, Workshop with Life Coach Katarina Stoltz

How to get what you want 2018

How can we manifest what we want before we actually physically see it? What might block us from getting what we want?

This Workshop inspires you to start taking responsibility for your actions and your being, and to stop blaming others so that you become the creator of your life.

How can you start 2018 with looking beyond New Year resolutions and start creating more lasting commitments?

Do you have a feeling that it’s easy to commit to something but then you’re not inspired to actually stick to what you promised yourself?

To find out what we want in life and how to get it, we need first of all to slow down, so that we get the chance to switch off our mind and go more into our heart.

Want to know the next steps and what might block you from getting what you want?

Join this inspiring and creative Workshop with Life Coach and Trainer Katarina Stoltz, who will share some personal stories and talk about how you can GET WHAT YOU WANT IN 2018. You will also be challenged out of your comfort zone with inspiring exercises.

This is an evening for everyone who feels that they want to get some ideas and tools how to start manifesting more of what they want to have in their lives.

About Katarina Stoltz

Katarina Stoltz is a Life Coach and Trainer from Sweden. She helps women, who choose to create big shifts in their lives – personal or professional. She offers one-to-one coaching sessions at her practice in Berlin or over Skype. She is also Heilpraktiker in Psychotherapy and a student of Gestalttherapy.

More information: www.katarina-stoltz.com

Vorverkauf: 20,00 Euro > TICKETS
Abendkasse: 25,00 Euro (Please register here before – neccessary!!)


18.30h Einlass
19.00h Workshop
21.30h ca. Ende


Choriner Str. 20
10435 BERLIN

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